*Warning movie spoiler for Sing contained*

This is my oldest, Joshua aka J-Shwa. I took him to see Sing the other day. He loved it. But probably not as much as his dad did.

In the movie there’s a gorilla named Johnny who’s a “natural born singer” according to the koala who evaluates him. His father is a leader of a gang that robs banks and other things.

Johnny is supposed to be driving for a big heist his dad’s gang does but he tries to make it to rehearsal for his big show and on his way back gets stuck in traffic so his dad gets arrested.

Johnny visits his dad in jail and his dad tells him he’s disappointed in him and Johnny thinks he’ll never talk to his dad again.

Fast forward to his performance. Johnny is singing his heart out. Doing what he was “naturally born to do”. His dad, in jail, sees him on TV. The dad rips the bars and the wall off (he’s a big gorilla remember) and begins jumping across buildings and dodging police helicopters just to come tell his son that he’s proud of him.

When the dad had the moment where he realized this was what his son was born to do I got a little emotional. When he ripped the bars out of the wall I had to wipe tears away.

OK so maybe I’m a little sensitive but this really got to me because this is the kind of father I long to be.

No, not one who gets arrested and blames his son for his own bad decision, let’s try to forget that for a moment. I long to beat father who will rip apart a cage or jump across buildings to let my kids know I’m proud of them.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a person living from their passions. Perhaps that is part of what made me emotional. Seeing Johnny singing his heart out in spite of what his world has told him (you should be a gangster).

I think the other thing that got me emotional when the dad began jumping across the buildings is that this is my theology. I believe that God has always been leaping and bounding over obstacles just to show Divine love to humanity.

Wow are we good at setting up obstacles. Greed and materialism and imperialism and hate and racism and sexism are all obstacles to God showing Divine love to us humans. But God leaps over it. God dodges racism and steps over genocide to reach into the mess we create and say “I’m so proud of you son” or “I’m so proud of you daughter”.

God leaps over theologies which paint God as rigid and nationalistic to show immense love to people of every nation.

We set up obstacles, and God leaps over them. God is relentless when it comes to love. Unfortunately, we are relentless in setting up obstacles.

Fortunately, Love…always…wins.

God always makes it past the obstacles to show the love of the Divine being to His/Her children.

God is Father. God is Mother. God is with us. Always. God is proud of us. Always.

When I look into the eyes of my son I only want him to know that his dad is for him. I only want him to know that his dad supports him 100%. Isn’t that what we all long to know for ourselves?

So chase your passions. Live your dreams. Deal with the failures and pick yourself up when you get knocked down. Because God is with you. God cares for you. God is proud of you.

Keep going. Keep singing. Keep dreaming.