Abba, Father, Daddy.

Help! Hear my cry!

I want peace. I want love. I want reconciliation among races, classes and sexual orientations!

I rip my clothes and beat my breast, because every word I say, it’s like I’m wasting my breath.

My nation is cloaked in death,

And the debt of our unfathomable bloodshed is that more blood, must be shed.

Well that’s what they say. That’s what they think. I say they but they is me and I am we.

Intrinsically, we are, tied together no matter what the weather.

United States divided by hate but united is nonetheless, our state.

The hour is dark, I wonder, have we met our fate?

But under the circumstances, I would think we could take our chances.

Take our chances with peace. Could we take a chance and be meek?

What if we used our power to help those in their hour of need.

We’re in our hour of need. We need one another. Need to see that man as my brother.

There’s no other way we will survive this violent mimesis,

This mimic of Molech we liken to Jesus this,

Time in the desert that we think is oasis it’s, prosperous poverty.

Or maybe impoverished prosperity,

I doubt the sincerity, of everyone who lusts for control of me,

Is it because I lack the ability to trust? or are we not trustworthy?

America, you’re hurting me! And by me I mean we and by we I mean us.



The us who refuse to go silently to the grave.

The us who are no longer slaves.

Though you try to return that us to their chains.

There’s too many of us now,

for you to wield your dirty power making they’s with your thy’s and thous. It’s over now.

I am only one man. Doing the best that I can.

Lord Jesus come.

God heal our land.