I haven’t written any poetry in a while. But this came to me as I lay in bed this morning.

This comes from the depths of my soul
I’m 30 years old and this world is cold
I feel warmth at my fingertips, but it’s
So hard, to start, a revolution when the solution
Seems to be, violence but you’re speaking of peace.
I’ll follow Jesus, never submit to the beast
At least, if everyone disappears I’ll know I conquered my fears.
I’ve stood tall all these years
Through the taunts and the jeers
The anger of my foes and the silence of my peers.
Will I be considered a great man?
Yo that’s in God’s hand.
But  I’ve got one life to live
and with it I’ma love and spread gospel, the best that I can.
this is my heart cry
you wanna know why?
Because I’ve tried and I’ve tried
to untie myself from my culture
but the structure keeps pullin me back
Feel like I’m under attack
all these arrows pointed straight at my back
how is it that, I’ve a knack for making enemies when I’m speaking of love?
It’s all good, I know I ain’t perfect and stuff
I suppose, I’ll rest on my morals and find peace from above.