Have you ever had a broken heart? I have. My wife broke it. Years ago when we were dating, for one reason or another, she was incredibly unsure of our relationship. Sure there were issues on my part that contributed to her unsureness, but regardless of all that, she broke up with me several times. The last time she did it I retreated. I was absolutely shattered. I went home to Alabama with my tail between my legs. I cried on all my friend’s couches and looking back I am so abundantly grateful for the spectrum of responses and care my friends had for me. Some gave advice, some just listened, and one even told me to toughen up, get up out of my misery and be the man I’ve been called to be! Every single one of them contributed to the mending of my heart in that time and I am forever grateful to all of them and the way they cared for me.

I believe wholeheartedly that God led me to each of those couches, knowing that His way of caring for His people most often comes, through His people. Looking back on that time I can tell that God cared for my broken heart perfectly. He knew Exactly how to deal with my broken heart. Why is that? I believe it is because He has experienced it Himself. I serve a brokenhearted deity.

I serve a God who weeps over His people (Luke 19:41). A friend of mine told me a while back that the Greek of wept there is not just a shedding of a few tears. In Luke 19 the creator of the universe weeps uncontrollably. The Ancient of days is brokenhearted for His children. It is an emotion not unfamiliar to Him.

If God wanted to, He could leave Himself separated from his creation, never take any chances and never put His heart on the line. But that is not His character. He is a lover, and as I learned in my relationship with my now wife, love always involves risk. Love always involves a giving of ourselves which can result in the greatest of all relational experiences, reciprocal, relational love, or the most painful of all relational experiences, a broken heart. You cannot have one without risking the other.

The entire Biblical account is one of a God who loves, who draws near, and who desires relationship. Most “deities” desire to control and dominate, the God of the Bible just wants to be a Father.

So whenever you deal with a broken heart, whether it be from a boyfriend or girlfriend, a spouse, a family member or a child; know that God not only cares about your pain, He understands it. This is what makes our God so approachable. This is the very reason we can crawl up on Abba’s lap and tell Him all our problems. He gets it, He’s been there, He’s felt your pain.

So take your broken heart to Jesus. Place it in the hands of Abba. Listen to the tender words of Holy Spirit which can only come from experience. No one can nurture a broken heart like my God. The God of the Broken Heart.